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Before legal fees, costs, and expenses really begin to mount in a controversy, you must consider the use of mediation and arbitration to find a cost effective resolution of the problem.

While no two controversies are identical, they all have common features with macro and micro issues of law, procedure, and risk assessment influenced by feelings, finances, and considerations of the future. Each situation requires a thoughtful evaluation of the best way to increase the likelihood of a timely solution of your controversy whether it be by mediation or arbitration.

With forty-five years practice experience in the trial courts, in private practice, and in dispute resolution, retired North Carolina Superior Court Judge Chase Saunders brings extensive experience to the dispute resolution process. He handles cases nationally and in North Carolina. He Chairs the Charlotte International Arbitration Association.  View Resume.

Conflict resolution services offer an economical model for use in working through business and personal problems.  State and federal trial courts require their use; however, they are also available to businesses and individuals in advance of litigation. They are an alternative to the contact sport of litigation-by-jury-trial.  Services are available for your use with binding and non-binding choices of outcomes.  A conflict resolution process model can be discussed, designed, and structured to help meet your individual needs before you decide to sue or get sued and in the event you are sued.

Alternative dispute resolution services include the private and confidential mediation of state and federal court cases represented by counsel as well as private matters involving unrepresented business owners or families. Services include the private and confidential arbitration of business and tort cases as well as small business ownership and operations matters. It includes umpire services used for the resolution of insurance claims disputes. Referee or special master services may be used to resolve discovery or business operational or wind-up issues. Services also include case assessment and individualized, dispute resolution process design.  See Case Experience . It also includes the development of corporate dispute resolution methods and approaches to prevent litigation in the first instance!

Attorneys understand and can explain the  cost-benefit and risk analyses associated with “taking your case to the Supreme Court”! They will counsel you that how you first choose to address your legal problems has a lot to do with how they get resolved. Your choice of how to resolve them economically and within a reasonable time should be important to you.  See Rates.

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The First 25 Years

NC State SealSenior Resident Superior Court Judge
Chief District Court Judge
Assistant Solicitor
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The Next 15 Years

Charlotte, NCMediation and Arbitration
Private practice and litigation
Business general practice
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Conflict Resolution Services

  • Federal Court Mediation
  • State Court Mediation
  • AAA Arbitration NC/US
  • Healthcare Industry Arbitration
  • Technology Industry Arbitration
  • Construction Arbitration
  • Small Business Mediation/Arbitration
  • Health Insurance Arbitration
  • Physician Practice Issue Arbitration
  • Hospitality Industry Arbitration
  • Tort Class Action Arbitration
  • Hardware/Software Installation Arbitration
  • Commercial Real Estate Arbitration
  • Consumer Issue Mediation/Arbitration

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