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Reserve Fixed Fee Arbitration

I arbitrate commercial and securities disputes for national providers and conduct private arbitration upon request. I have developed a model for providing remote, fixed-fee arbitration, following a protocol described on the form and attachments appearing on the following link.

  1. Click this link to launch the Fixed Fee Arbitration Agreement PDF.
    (If your browser doesn’t support filling out the form, please save the file to your computer and open it directly)
  2. Complete the form and save in your pdf program or using the “Save” button in the upper right-hand corner (see below).
  3. Save the form to your computer, and then email it as an attachment to chase@chasesaunders.com


4. Initial Contact Conference. I will contact you within 2 business days to set up an initial, first contact Zoom meeting  at which time we will discuss the jurisdictional and administrative procedures associated with this service.

5. Initial Pre-hearing Conference. This Zoom conference is an arbitrator-party meeting. The agenda will cover the hearing protocols including and confidentiality or protective orders and the discovery process for the use of this model.

6. Discovery, given the limitation of a six-hour hearing, should focus on the discovery of material evidence obtained from: (a) the mutual contemporaneous exchange of documents by a date certain; (b) one set of interrogatories per party with deadlines for submission and response; (c) one set of requests for production per party with deadlines for submission and response; (c) one deposition per party by a date certain; and, (d) identification of potential hearing witnesses by a date certain

7. Hearing preparation includes the (a) identification and exchange of witness lists two (2) weeks before the hearing; (b) one pre-hearing brief each, of a mutually-agreed length,submitted four (4) business days before the hearing; (c) the exchange of numbered exhibit list to be presented ( share screened ) two (2) business days before the hearing; and, (d) an exchange of hearing witness list two (2) business days before the hearing;

8. Protective Orders and Motions practice. This service contemplates an expedited hearing with an early submission of any protective orders. Additionally, dispositive motion may be submitted however, they will not be considered until the hearing. Discovery motions will be addressed as they may arise. The arbitrator will set the date and time for a discovery hearing.

9. Arbitration Rules. North Carolina General Statutes Article 45C – Revised Uniform Arbitration Act, NCGA 1-569.1 governs these proceedings unless the parties agree to another set of rules.



  • ODS Online Dispute Services
  • American Arbitration Association Panelist
  • One Price Expedited Commercial Arbitration
  • ODR Online Dispute Resolution
  • Tech Case Arbitration and Mediation
  • FINRA Arbitrator
  • Healthcare Sector Arbitration
  • Medical/Legal Practice Arbitration
  • Hospitality Industry Arbitration
  • Real Estate Arbitration
  • Insurance Umpire
  • Business Case Referee
  • Special Discovery Master
  • State and Federal Court Mediator
  • Online Mediation

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